If you should visit us: Things We Can Do in October

This post is inspired by my parents, who are coming to visit us this year during the first week of October. I thought it might be fun to share with all of you the special things that happen around here that month, just in case anyone else is thinking of visiting MA at a similar time.

Early October is a perfect time to go leaf-peeping! We can take a drive up into the White Mountains to look at some of the beautiful fall scenery. Really, pictures do not do it justice – you will have never seen leaves such vibrant colors before, anywhere from fluorescent pinks to bright lime greens.

Topsfield Fair happens during the early weeks of October: America’s longest continually running fair, and it is just down the road from us. There are plenty of animal exhibits, flowers, fruit and vegetables and bees, America side-show food to eat, a rodeo, and best of all – the annual Giant Pumpkin Competition.

Russell Orchards, a local huge orchard will still have apple picking going this month. This means a hayride, all the apples you can eat (straight off the tree: and let me tell you, you have not eaten apples until you have eaten these apples), followed by a hot apple cider and apple cider donuts freshly made. The orchard also has animals that roam around for kids and they make their own fruit wines for the grown-ups.

And of course, the biggest thing going in Massachusetts in October is Halloween. At the Gerber house this usually consists of the kids dressing up and knocking on the doors of our building on campus as well as the neighboring one (you can see them doing this in the picture above, alongside their friends Oliver and Isaac). If you are really brave (or insane), you could make the trip into Salem, which is the number one tourist destination in the world for Halloween. The traffic is crazy in Salem at this time of year, though, so I would definitely recommend taking the train.

One last completely random must-see: there is a guy down the road from our place who spends hours and hours making a themed scarecrow display each year, last year was Star Wars. I know it seems weird to make life-sized things out of straw, but actually they are pretty awesome.

Of course there are plenty more things to do in October that are available to visitors year round. If there is a special month you would like me to feature on the blog, don’t forget to say so in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “If you should visit us: Things We Can Do in October

  1. JP Gerber says:

    What about February? Can we offer a special ‘be sick with the Gerbers’ retreat?

  2. JP Gerber says:

    I am on the phone with the IRS sorting out Ralph’s ITIN. They are being very helpful but when they asked how to spell my name I said “like the baby food” and this made me check the blog. It is good to see this blog is getting traffic. I hear it’s trending right now.

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