Planning Ralph’s Spring Outfits

Okay. So I have an unhealthy obsession with planning out my kids outfits. But, seriously, I have my reasons.

For one: it prevents mass accumulation of clothes. When I look at free or very cheap clothes I think: does this fit with what I have planned for them? I don’t want to be a clothes hoarder — I would rather get a few great things that look amazing.

And two: it’s a creative outlet for me. I would do this for myself, but it’s cheaper (way cheaper) to plan great outfits for kids than for adults. Also: they actually grow out of clothes, which means a new “look” each season, or at least twice a year, is actually realistic.

To plan a style of outfits for my kids I pick a few items I think will look cool or my kids will love wearing, and think about what colors I like for this time of year, as well as what themes. For this Spring my notes to myself were:

preppy college kid on a yacht (yellow jacket)

neon + pastel

not too much black

no gray

denim on top only

Then I put a whole bunch of items together to see how they will look. Here is my mood board for Ralph’s outfits for Spring:


Things that are missing here are shorts and t-shirts. I just can’t seem to find what I like online? I don’t know what will happen with shorts this Spring/Summer, since we had colored pants all Autumn/Winter…but the idea of colored shorts seems weird to me. So besides these things I am also on the lookout for some nice plain pastel or neon t-shirts and…mystery shorts?

Now, the fun part – putting it all together in real life. Of course, just because I pictured a pair of jeans from Gap doesn’t mean I get those particular jeans, but I try to find the cheapest (while still being most durable) option I can find. Often this means second-hand items. I did however score big on the mint/aqua jeans department: I found a pair on sale at Target for $7! Also I purposely included things in this picture that Ralph already owns and I want to make use of through the next season: the navy hoodie, the white shirt (it has blue bicycles on it), the mustard pants and the apricot shirt (though that may be on its way out: yesterday Ralph stamped gold ink on it while I was rocking Ivy to sleep).

I know this won’t last forever, that eventually Ralph will pick his own clothes at the store, and find his own way of expressing himself. Even today, we found a free t-shirt at the Give and Take (the thrift store on campus) with a monster truck on it. He said “That shirt is sooo cool”. So we took it home: of course I am going to let him wear it. Just not with denim. Unless it’s on top.


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