New Photos of Ivy

Nana and Pa Jones have requested “NEW PHOTOS OF IVY”, which is basically the whole content of this post. Well, they are photos of a blurry mess resembling Ivy, who is the world’s most un-photographable child, constantly on the move except for that one time she climbed into the refrigerator and got stuck there, evidence of which I have included in this collection. Don’t worry Nana, we have since rectified the refrigerator problem and she can most definitely get herself out of it now when she climbs in.



2 thoughts on “New Photos of Ivy

  1. JP Gerber says:

    She is one cute little girl. I hear the owls hooting in the distance on this post.

  2. JP Gerber says:

    Commentary on the photos:
    1. Where’s my food?
    2. These presents are good…where’s my food?
    3. Where’s my food?
    4. I’m walking
    5. Where’s my food?
    6. Where’s my food?
    7. I’m walking

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