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TV For The Summer

I’ve given up on Arrested Development Season 4.

There. I said it. I am not cool, I am not a hipster. I understand I will not, now, know the right catchphrases to say at cool dinner parties, and I will not know how the ending brought all the parts together in complex magnificence. People will complain to me that “ohh but it got sooo much better after episode 7”. You know what? That’s too long! If you haven’t hooked me, Alison Gerber self-confessed television junkie by episode 7 then you’re not trying hard enough.

Instead, rather than waste my life on a project that was doomed from the start, I am going to watch new shows that are exciting and filled with possibilities of awesome. So, without further ado, here are the

5 TV Shows I Will Be Watching This Summer

1. Hunted. Has been axed after one series on the BBC but this won’t stop me checking out this spy/government thriller. Frank Spotnitz of The X-Files heads to the BBC to write a series about a British Spy who can “trust no one”. Possible X-Files with British accents? Yes please. Also, it has Melissa George (yes, Angel from Home and Away) as the new Scully, she even does the pouty lip thing like Gillian.

2. Parade’s End. This one is easy. Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes from Sherlock) in a BBC/HBO period drama based on a Ford Maddox Ford novel. Batchy, in a tuxedo. How can that NOT be good.

3. Broadchurch. Every now and then I find myself missing David Tennant on Doctor Who. I know, flame away. But he’s just so…cute! Anyway, here he is now, sporting a beard, in one of those slow-burning crime stories, “a town full of secrets”, lots of surprises in the finale etc.

4. Utopia. I like this because it looks weird. A cult graphic novel that predicts a series of terrible disasters lands in the hands of seemingly normal, everyday people, who then become paranoid? Or are they being watched?

5. The Fall. This is the MOST exciting thing for me for the Summer by far. I mean, DVD on pre-order exciting. Gillian Anderson (Scully from the X-Files) returns to crime genre for the first time since the X-Files as Stella Gibson. The show was a hit in the UK and has been renewed already for a second season.

So that’s it: my 5 for the Summer. Feel free to plan to come over for a TV marathon if any look exciting to you! And comment below if there’s something amazing you are watching you think I should add to my list!