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Planning Ralph’s Spring Outfits

Okay. So I have an unhealthy obsession with planning out my kids outfits. But, seriously, I have my reasons.

For one: it prevents mass accumulation of clothes. When I look at free or very cheap clothes I think: does this fit with what I have planned for them? I don’t want to be a clothes hoarder — I would rather get a few great things that look amazing.

And two: it’s a creative outlet for me. I would do this for myself, but it’s cheaper (way cheaper) to plan great outfits for kids than for adults. Also: they actually grow out of clothes, which means a new “look” each season, or at least twice a year, is actually realistic.

To plan a style of outfits for my kids I pick a few items I think will look cool or my kids will love wearing, and think about what colors I like for this time of year, as well as what themes. For this Spring my notes to myself were:

preppy college kid on a yacht (yellow jacket)

neon + pastel

not too much black

no gray

denim on top only

Then I put a whole bunch of items together to see how they will look. Here is my mood board for Ralph’s outfits for Spring:


Things that are missing here are shorts and t-shirts. I just can’t seem to find what I like online? I don’t know what will happen with shorts this Spring/Summer, since we had colored pants all Autumn/Winter…but the idea of colored shorts seems weird to me. So besides these things I am also on the lookout for some nice plain pastel or neon t-shirts and…mystery shorts?

Now, the fun part – putting it all together in real life. Of course, just because I pictured a pair of jeans from Gap doesn’t mean I get those particular jeans, but I try to find the cheapest (while still being most durable) option I can find. Often this means second-hand items. I did however score big on the mint/aqua jeans department: I found a pair on sale at Target for $7! Also I purposely included things in this picture that Ralph already owns and I want to make use of through the next season: the navy hoodie, the white shirt (it has blue bicycles on it), the mustard pants and the apricot shirt (though that may be on its way out: yesterday Ralph stamped gold ink on it while I was rocking Ivy to sleep).

I know this won’t last forever, that eventually Ralph will pick his own clothes at the store, and find his own way of expressing himself. Even today, we found a free t-shirt at the Give and Take (the thrift store on campus) with a monster truck on it. He said “That shirt is sooo cool”. So we took it home: of course I am going to let him wear it. Just not with denim. Unless it’s on top.


Highlights from Ralph’s 3rd birthday party

For Ralph’s 3rd birthday party we invited friends over for lunch, consisting of spaghetti bolognaise and apple juice. Ralph requested a “quarry cake”, which Jono and I made out of chocolate cake with butter cream icing topped with crushed Whoppers (like Australian Malteasers) and chocolate-coated raisins and peanuts. For entertainment we had Aimee come and make balloon animals, and played a game of pass-the-parcel, which I never realized until then was completely unheard of in the US. About a dozen kids came over plus Moms and Dads. Everyone had a great time, especially Ralph! (Click on the pictures to see them full size).